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Southern California Health & Rehabilitation Program (SCHARP) was founded February 1994 as a non-profit entity for the purpose of providing mental health and rehabilitation services to vulnerable ethnic minority populations in Southern California Los Angeles. Founded by two African American psychiatrists who were disillusioned with the traditional services provided to severely and persistently mentally ill individuals who are members of minority groups, they targeted this population, along with homeless mentally ill and homeless dually diagnosed. The mission of Southern California Health and Rehabilitation Program (SCHARP) is to provide quality mental health and social services to vulnerable populations in South Los Angeles. These populations consist of mentally ill, homeless mentally ill, multi-diagnosed individuals with substance abuse disorder, interface with the criminal justice system. By providing culturally relevant and sensitive services which are designed to improve the quality of their lives, SCHARP will have a significant impact upon the neediest residents of this community.

We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable, kind, and courteous to all who find their way through our doors. We understand that help is not possible if one doesn’t feel comfortable. Our goal is to continue to provide the best services possible for our clients. Over the past 30 years, we’ve witnessed remarkable growth, expanding our team from a mere 5 individuals to a thriving workforce of over 200 today. This remarkable journey stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to serving our community.

SCHARP Mission Statement

To build personal and community potential through high impact services and maximize wellness, one person at a time.

Message from Jack Barbour, SCARP CEO

SCHARP is proud to present this website as a culmination of the agency’s success in providing the highest quality of behavioral health services to its consumers and families.

The Los Angeles community has grown and the SCHARP agency is proud to serve all age groups. We specifically focus our adult specialized behavioral health services to populations that are homeless, frequently hospitalized and recently incarcerated. Children’s services represent a focus on children who are impacted by being a part of the specialized foster care system as well as transitional age youth who are emancipated and homeless. Our services to children have an emphasis on trauma-informed care and our staff is expertly trained in evidence-based practices relating to trauma. Our emphasis on a well-trained staff that has been expertly trained has demonstrated outstanding results through an array of programs. Over the past three years SCHARP has partnered with a federally qualified health center to provide services through the Innovations Programs of the Department of Mental Health. Most recently SCHARP is providing services to homeless veterans who are in need of housing and social supports. SCHARP recognizes that integration of primary care and behavioral health as integral to the delivery of services.

SCHARP is proud to contract with the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health, the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, the Veterans Administration, the Department of Public Social Services, the Housing Authority of Los Angeles and the Housing Authority of Los Angeles County.

The full array of services is an asset to the County of Los Angeles, and more specifically the south Los Angeles region. In 30 years, SCHARP has grown rapidly. Starting with one small service contract to the present, SCHARP serves tirelessly families and individuals who are finding their voice as strong community contributors.

Jack Barbour, M.D.

Jack Barbour, M.D.

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