SCHARP Housing Services

SCHARP Housing Services

Housing Services and Program Components

Coordinated Entry Systems Hub

Provides client assessment, housing navigation, and community regional coordination for homeless and housing services for south east Los Angeles.

Intensive Case Management Services For Permanent Housing (ICMS PH)

Provides Intensive Case Management Services for DMH / DHS qualified individuals who are matched to permanent housing.

Property Management and Service Coordination

Oversees property management activities and service coordination of all SCHARP Apartment Properties.

Interagency Technical Assistance & Collaboration

Provides housing related support, training, and consultation for all SCHARP/BAFMA Programs and their Clients.

Coordinated Entry System

Housing Navigation

Assesses and documents homelessness to establish eligibility and priority for housing resources.

Inputs information gathered in the county-wide Coordinated Entry system to be matched to most appropriate/available housing resources *for which client is eligible.*

*PRIORITIZATION: When housing resources are limited, individuals/households with the most severe needs are prioritized for the services and housing. Housing resources are not necessarily a subsidized independent apartment.

Regional Coordination

Provides information and resources related to homelessness to partner organizations, neighbors, and other community stakeholders.

Intensive Case Management Services

ICMS provides high quality ICMS Services to clients eligible for permanent housing through Housing for Health. ICMS Services are client-centered and provide excellent customer service that is sensitive to the challenges that homeless persons with a range of medical and behavioral health issues face as they move into and maintain permanent supportive housing.

ICMS Services use a “whatever it takes approach” to assist clients in their transition from homelessness to permanent housing.

ICMS Services include:

  • Screening-in assessment, and enrollment
  • Assistance with immediate needs, linkage to health and mental health care
  • Assistance with locating and securing permanent housing, landlord negotiations
  • Assistance with improving skills to maintain permanent housing including, budgeting, interpersonal skills, housekeeping skills, hygiene, and abiding by terms of lease
  • Assistance increasing personal growth including socialization skills, educational and volunteer opportunities, and family reunification
  • Assistance resolving legal issues

SCHARP Properties

SCHARP Figueroa Apartments
SCHARP Residential 54th St
SCHARP Hoover House
SCHARP Residential W 45th St

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