Integrated Care Program (ICP)

Integrated Care Program

Integrated Care Program (ICP) – In Conjunction with a Community of Friends

Program Overview

SCHARP-ICP Services is a mental health program that is a patient-centered approach utilizing evidence base clinical practices, shown to have good mental and physical health outcomes. SCHARP ICP services works in partnership with John Wesley Community Health Clinic (JWCH) and located at two sites JWCH-Lynwood and JWCH Bellflower.

SCHARP-ICP provides the following services

  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Psychiatric medication
  • Case management services for housing, benefits
  • Establishment, employment, transportation, and other resources
  • Peer navigation
  • Individual drug counseling
  • Primary care
  • Groups including:
    • Seeking Safety Women’s Group, Men’s Group, Walking Group, Living in Balance
  • In-home outreach
  • Accompanying people to appointments (e.g. Social Security, Access, etc.)
  • Client support services fund for emergencies, bus tokens, food, etc.
  • Rehabilitation (e.g. life skills, stress reduction, etc.)

Why integrate care?

  • High prevalence of undiagnosed medical disorders
  • Primary care is the de facto mental health system
  • Mental health, physical health and substance abuse problems are interwoven
  • Primary medical care settings enhance access to other services for existing patients and are cost effective
  • Minimize stigma and discrimination with one door
  • Patient-centered approach with evidence of good health outcomes

Eligibility Criteria

  • At least one chronic physical condition
  • Meet Medi-Cal medical necessity criteria for mental health services
  • 18 years and older
  • Voluntary consent
  • Not currently on parole

Program Director

Edana McGee
(310) 593-5300

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